“In service to one, in service to all”

Council’s Major Activities Programs

Our Fall Fundraiser is the Football Crazr ticket. Not only does this fundraiser boost our Charity Funds but State Council has also set this up to help pay our State per capita tax. These tickets were passed out at our August business meeting but we would like to reach out to those of you who were not present and who would like to help sell these tickets. For tickets please contact Bob Sandhas {robert.sandhas@gmail.com} 256-3294} or Dan Warnock {danjowarnock@yahoo.com} 477-2217} These tickets are a great sell at the kids football and soccer games!


(Family, Council, Community, Church, Youth, Pro-Life)

  • Family Picnic Grill Out
  • Christmas Party
  • Special Population Free Throw Contest
  • High School Scholarship Program
  • Pancake Breakfast Support Of Pregnancy Center West
  • Support Of Parish Programs