“In service to one, in service to all”

Faith, Family, Community, and Life

St. Joseph of the Three Rivers K of C donated $500 during the pandemic to Three Rivers Area Ministry (TRAM) to help stock shelves at the Addyston Food Pantry. Lady Kathy Fischesser made and donated masks for the TRAM workers.

Paul & Dan drop off a donation to TRAM wearing samples of the homemade masks.

Super Cash Bonanza 2020

Ohio State Council Raffle with over $108,000 in 25 cash prizes!
Contact us (Carl Braun, Steve Kruse, or Brother Knight) for a $5 ticket.
Now through May 8th, 2020

The State Squires Program, Diocesan Vocation Programs, Diocesan, Seminarians, Our Veterans, Diocesan Religious Education, Catholic High School Education, Diocesan And State Charities, Our Priests And Bishops

1st $49,680***$414 A MONTH PAYABLE FOR 10 YEARS
2nd $18,780***$313 A MONTH PAYABLE FOR 5 YEARS
3rd $12,720***$212 A MONTH PAYABLE FOR 5 YEARS
4th $4,000
5th $3,000
6th –9th $1,500
10th –13th $1,250
14th –17th $1,000
18th –21st $750
22nd –25th $500