St Joseph of the Three Rivers Council Knights of Columbus has members from all of our family parishes.

Redefinition of truth, abortion, conflict, poverty, and intimidation against faith and the family are just some of the breaches we see in our communities. 

Across the country, members of the Knights of Columbus are rising to meet these challenges with charity, unity and fraternity. 

In the last year, our council donated to Margaret Rost School, Three Rivers Schools special needs program, Tram, Block ministries, coats for kids, our parishes, Oser Roth Fest, Pregnancy Center West, Mater Filius Home, and more; we also stepped  up with 1,000’s of hours of volunteer service. 

These times call for Knights. Learn how you can benefit from a membership in our Order; and help support your local community. Contact us or join today!

Thank you for your time. 
God Bless