Stadium volunteers,

It’s that time of year again and we need to start getting workers lined up to work at the stadium. Most of you are familiar with this process. The first stadium event is a preseason home game Sunday 8/29 at 4pm. There is only one preseason home game this year however there is an extra regular season home game for a total of 10 home games.

Job changes this year:

Liquor Runners

·         We will be working both as East side and West side Liquor Runners

·         3 Liquor Runners on the East side and 3 Liquor Runners on the West side

HH4 (kitchen)

·         7 Runners, 1 Cook, 1 Order taker, 1 Bartender/Chips/Pretzel/Soft drinks 

You may notice that the number of workers needed in Sign Up Genius currently is the same for each game. The number of workers required will be reevaluated after each game. Aramark determines how many workers are needed by ticket sales and which seats are sold in the stadium. I expect the number of workers will go up or down as the season progresses and I will update Sign Up Genius as needed. I will also inform you when it changes. 

This year there is no Chips/Pretzel/Soft drink worker in HH4 as per Aramark’s instructions. Accordingly in Sign Up Genius I combined Bartender, Chips, Pretzel and Soft drinks as 1 worker. As in past years if you notice a worker is overwhelmed in their job please offer to help him or her if you are not busy. 

Since the HH4 door is open at all times please wear your Bengals shirt when working HH4. When customers walk by the door we will all look like HH4 workers instead of customers. I probably messed this up more than anyone else. 

At this time it is Aramark’s policy that any stadium worker that is not fully vaccinated is required to wear a mask at all times. For all others wearing a mask is not required. It is my (Jim Bicknell) responsibility to make sure each worker follows this policy. I will not ask for your vaccine card so please follow this policy and do not jeopardize our council’s ability to work at the stadium.

Alcohol training is available at any time by following this link: TEAM Certification Level 2 Aramark Paul Brown Stadium  . Most jobs require alcohol training. I encourage everyone to be alcohol trained. My job is much easier with more people alcohol trained. It makes it easier for me to move people to other jobs if needed.

The St Joseph/St John Dry Ridge  Sign Up Genius link is and this link is open for sign ups. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thank you for volunteering,

Jim Bicknell

St Joseph K of C stadium volunteer coordinator